First Place

Second Place

  • Guidance & Mentoring from the Telenor Advisory Team for 3 months
  • Presentation Slot and demo stand at Digital Winners 2015 Conference
  • Written Interview & Highlight Video publicly released by Smarter Together
  • Flight and Hotel in Oslo, Norway

Third Place

Honorable Mention (3 Recipients):

  • NIC2015 Honorable Mention Certificate
  • Written Interview publicly released by Smarter Together


With the aim of encouraging as many people to get involved, we’re not putting any restrictions on submission topics – you don’t even have to know what the Internet of Things is!  But if you have an idea or device that uses connected technology to improve the everyday lives of people, then come on down! Some things you should consider including when submitting your proposal:


How will it change people’s lives, existing business models or business processes? What is the customer value?


How new and different is it? Does anything like it already exist? If so, that’s fine, but what sets your idea apart?

Sales & Distribution

Who are your customers and how can you reach them? What is your plan to go to market with your solution? What is the growth potential?


How realistic is your concept? Is it feasible to produce and implement in a certain timeline or at a certain cost?

We are open for entries and innovative ideas using connected technology in different industry verticals and in business as well as consumer solutions. Your concept might fall under the category of Smart Cities, Health, Energy, Insurance, Transportation, Smart Homes, Industrial , or new categories not existing today. Ideas that disrupt and cross different categories are of extra interest!

We encourage innovative ideas that transform existing paradigms. We want businesses to become better and more efficient. We want people’s lives to become easier and ‘smarter.’ The common denominator in all proposals should be the usage of IoT in smarter, more efficient, and sustainable solutions.


This contest is open to residents of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.  (There is no limit to the amount of people on your development team.) Individuals, teams, and legal entities are all welcome to apply!

Other than that, there are no rules.  Basically, only your imagination is the limit on what you create!

See terms & conditions


August 20

(Submit, Submit, Submit!)

September 25


September 25 — October 10

Selected contestants pitch idea for Telenor Nordics IoT Challenge jury.

October 12

Three finalists are announced

October 21

3 winners announced and presented at Digital Winners Conference in Oslo, Norway


Per Simonsen
SVP of IoT, Telenor

Andrea Sroczynski
Strategic Business Development, Telenor Connexion

Robert Brunbäck
Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Connexion

Per Johdet
Manager of Enterprise Architecture, Telenor Connexion

Fredrik Östbye
VP Business Development, Telenor Connexion

Trond Are Bjornvold
VP Business Development IoT, Telenor Digital


The challenge aims to inspire and support new innovative ideas and early stage businesses where connected technology enable smarter solutions. We are looking for high-potential early stage businesses and individuals seeking to accelerate their development.
The challenge is open for individuals, teams as well as legal entities in the Nordics.
No. Entrants have all rights to their ideas – they are the sole proprietor. Entrants can continue to use and capitalize on their ideas for any purpose, either independently or in partnership with anyone else.
Submissions are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Customer value and transformation potential
  • Market opportunity and growth potential
  • Level of innovation and feasibility
  • Go to market approach and likelihood of long-term success
  • Current or potential team skill-set
Totally fine as well. Submit your theoretical life-changing creation!
Of course! Some of the most groundbreaking ideas come from high school and university students.
We have nothing against that. We simply ask that you prepare both as thoroughly as you would prepare one single proposal. If both are as well-executed as possible, then the more the merrier!
Please minimize them. Concise explanations and proposals are always more likely to be considered in almost all business endeavors.
We’d rather you didn’t. Please convert your video to AVI, MOV, MP4, or WMV. There are many free online video converters if you don’t have your own program. Just check CNET out here.
Unfortunately no. You need to be located or have some kind of representation in one of the Nordic countries because our jury might visit you. That being said, there are plans to expand this competition to other countries in the future.

About Telenor Connexion

Telenor Connexion‘s mission is to make people’s lives easier, businesses better, and the world smarter – all though the leverage of transformative technology. We have 15+ years of experience working with large corporations, startups, and global partners designing and operation connected products and services. We are part of Telenor, one of the world’s largest mobile operators with enterprises in 13 countries and nearly 200 million customers. We would love to have the chance to work with you – so submit your brilliant idea now!